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Bagpipes of the World
Sean Folsom
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from eight of the thirty tracks on our album.
Bohemian Bock ~ Czech Republic Grand Cornemuse ~ France Chiaramedda (Zampogna) ~ Italy (Sicily) Piob Uilleann ~ Ireland Tulum ~ Turkey Dudelsack ~ Germanic Kaba Gaida ~ Bulgaria Uilleann Pipe in D ~ Ireland

~ recorded to the highest standards in a professional studio specifically for this album ~
stereo ~ thirty tracks ~ 61 minutes 23 seconds
During the past 2,000 years an untold variety of bagpipes with a wide and wonderful range of sounds appeared throughout the Old World. From the British Isles to Eastern Europe and from North Africa to Scandinavia, bagpipes were often the most-heard musical instruments. However, in recent centuries as music moved indoors and as other powerful instruments evolved, bagpipes began to vanish from many cultures. By the mid-twentieth century a large part of Old World musical heritage was in danger of being forever lost. Among the few who realized this was musician and music historian Sean Folsom, who began nearly thirty years ago to research, collect, restore and play traditional bagpipes. Today, the combination of Sean's collection, his expertise and his musicianship is unique and is an ongoing part of a now well-established revival of these marvelous instruments. is privileged to present here an array of thirty bagpipes - a number never before even approached on one album - all owned by Sean and played by him in a professional studio for this recording. From the sonorous thunder of a huge Italian Zampogna to the light airs of a tiny English Northumbrian Smallpipe, from the noble incantations of a Bohemian Bock to the sparkling trills of a Turkish Tulum, the pipes heard on this high-quality CD create a vibrant pathway to a nearly forgotten world of musical magic for musicians, music scholars, collectors, instrument makers and those of us who are simply enchanted by bagpipes. ~ O.S., from the back cover of the CD

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