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~ Bagpipe Solutions, Volume 7 Tutorial ~
Focus: Playing in a Pipe Band

by Champion Piper & Master Teacher
John Cairns

Front Cover
Front Cover, "Bagpipe Solutions, Vol. 7" Tutorial

If you are new to playing with a bagpipe band, or plan to play with one, or if you are thinking about establishing a pipe band, then this latest volume of John Cairns' remarkable Bagpipe Solutions series will become one of your essential tools. But it will also help you even if a band is not your primary concern and you're more interested in advancing your personal skill, and/or in learning how to deal with the traditional dress and regalia of Highland piping. From the introduction: "This tutor book is the seventh in the series and has been designed to help the [new] piper ... make the transition to being able to compete in a Grade 5 solo piping contest, and/or play in a pipe band ..."

The first six volumes of Bagpipe Solutions are described in detail elsewhere on this site (see the catalog). At the completion of Volume 6, the student is playing the pipes and the neighborhood cats and dogs have perhaps returned. Now Volume 7 leads the new piper out of the basement or attic and onto the streets, after properly dressing him or her and further honing numerous musical matters. (And the Great Question, "What's worn under the kilt?" is answered!) See the table of contents, below, for details about what you'll learn.

The 142-page tutorial is spiral-bound for convenience in use. It contains a mixture of music, instructional text and photographs. It should be noted that while this new volume is a part of the series, it does stand alone as well. You'll find it highly useful whether you've gotten to your present point of piping via the Bagpipe Solutions series or from another path.

Table of Contents
The Table of Contents

The CD
The CD

CD Track List
The CD Track List


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Bagpipe Solutions Volume 7, by John Cairns (Book with CD)

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