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Call of Dudy

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"Bagpipes are generally associated with the Celtic fringe of Europe, but one of the richest and most ethnically diverse bagpipe traditions can be found in Central Europe, in the Czech lands and in neighboring Bavaria [Germany]. This tradition once became marginalized and almost disregarded, yet this historic musical form has survived and even managed to renew itself, to develop further on a regional scale - crossing national and linguistic borders. Call of Dudy captures the people and places which are keeping this centuries-old tradition alive today for future generations." (Text from the back of the DVD case).

Call of Dudy

Back Cover
This beautifully produced and directed DVD was created by professional film-maker Jefe Brown, who lives in Prague. Jefe and his crew have woven a rich and unique tapestry depicting one of the most important and fascinating corners of the bagpiping world. Many sorts of bagpipes appear in the course of the film, but the central instrument is the Ceske (Czech) Dudy, also called the Böhmischer (Bohemian) Bock. (The word "Dudy" means "bagpipe" and appears with variations of spelling in many Central European cultures.) The Ceske Dudy happens to be one of our very favorite bagpipes here at The Universe of Bagpipes and in fact is heard on the very first track of our thirty-bagpipe CD, Bagpipes of the World. It has a rich, deep tone but is nevertheless nimble, with a character that is simultaneously haunting and playful (if that makes any sense). Like most bagpipes the Dudy is an instrument of the "common" folk, but its sound can be evocative of something noble and mysterious - perhaps a gathering of tribal kings deep in the ancient forests of old Bohemia and Bavaria.

You can have a look at a typical Ceske Dudy
and listen to a short sound sample here on this site.

Aside from the specifics of the instruments and the music, this documentary explores cross-cultural aspects of bagpipes and piping. Not long ago we recieved an angry email from a visitor to this site who objected to our inclusion of both the Czech and German names of this bagpipe. This was in reaction to the rocky history, especially during the mid-twentieth century, of the relationship between these two cultures (or more accurately the relationships between their leaders). But musicians in general and pipers in particular, along with their listeners, have seldom respected the divisions erected between cultures, which is something that we here at the Universe of Bagpipes emphasize, and which is at the core of the Call of Dudy film. People can be bludgeoned by cunning lies and lying images into believing this or that about their neighbors, to the point of sending their children off to war. An antidote to such poisons has always been music (thus the cliche about music soothing savage beasts). And for centuries, it was pipers with their many sorts bagpipes, who brought not just entertainment to their far-flung audiences, but also an undeniable and happy reminder of the powerful harmonies that are common to all people and that transcend the petty, sad lunacies of strife and hatred. ~ O.S., 2009

Well. Aside from saving the world, this DVD is a whole lot of fun for anyone interested in bagpipes and piping. We recommend it highly, and we have it available for purchase here. We're sure enough of our opinion that we will cheerfully refund your money if you don't like it.

Watch this space for forthcoming sample clips!

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