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Here is an index of some of the piping products we carry. Clicking on the images will take you to the page(s) of each item where you will find our extensive descriptions, photos, reviews, instructions, advice, tips, ordering information and so on. If you're new to piping, we suggest you read this information whether or not you are interested in our particular products.

The following list is not long. We are not just another Web based store that lists everything in sight, without knowing much about the products and without providing detailed information. Rather, we carry only items which we have evaluated extensively and in which we have complete confidence, and that we feel will keep our customers - those who are just starting out as well as experienced pipers - on track. Learning, playing and maintaining bagpipes is not impossibly difficult, but it is more than challenging enough without stumbling over inferior or inappropriate products, or being confused by a mass of meaningless choices. However:

We stock many, many things that are not featured here, from supplies like hemp and reeds through full sets of pipes. Please always feel free to contact us to discuss any bagpipe related needs.

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We have reduced some prices due to the persistant strength of the US dollar. For examples, the price of the superb Fagerstrom electonic bagpipe (Technopipe) has been cut by $30 (see in catalog, below) and the price for our ever-popular upgraded little Kitchen Pipe has been dropped to below $300.

Prices for J. Dunbar Great Highland Bagpipes, John Walsh Smallpipes and the popular Border Pipe will be quoted at below the prices indicated on the site. (We won't sell you a bagpipe without direct contact with you by email or phone, becasue we want to be sure you're getting exactly what you want and need, so the price reductions will be part of the converstation).

Be aware that the present favorable exchange rates are the only reasons for these reductions; that will probably change sooner or later, and when it does the lower prices may vanish.

See further notices and announcements about pricing and delivery at the bottom of this page.

Featured Items:

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J. Dunbar Ltd. Practice Chanter & Tutor Outfits
Anyone thinking about learning how to play the bagpipe should read this material first!

J. Dunbar Ltd. Bagpipes ~ Model P1
Here's an extensive discussion about Dunbar's top-quality but reasonably priced synthetic pipes, and about buying pipes in general.

J. Dunbar Ltd. Bagpipes ~ Model P3
This Dunbar model is internally the same as the P1, but externally "traditional."

A major new tutorial about available basic materials and styles. Read this! ~ NEW!! ~
All of the structural options of J. Dunbar synthetic and Blackwood Great Highland Bagpipes.

Accessories and Peripherals for Great Highland Bagpipes
Bannatyne synthetic bags, synthetic drone & chanter reeds, cases, color options, etc. are listed and discussed here.

J. Dunbar Ltd. Great Highland Bagpipe Chanters
A world-class Highland chanter, in synthetic or Blackwood, is now available for your existing pipe.

John Walsh Convertible Smallpipe
Two complete pipes in one, this is perhaps the ultimate Scottish Smallpipe. A fabulous mix of pure high-tech genius and fine art!

"Kitchen" Bagpipe
Our exclusive upgraded version of this great little Canadian-made "transitional" practice pipe uses the outstanding Dunbar practice chanter as the melody pipe.

Border Pipe
AT LAST! An affordable, available Scottish Border Pipe (AKA Lowland Pipe, Northumbrian Half-Long).

Concert Pitch (A=440 Hz) Great Highland Bagpipe Chanter
At last, a fine, modern concert-pitch GHB chanter - turn your pipe into a whole new instrument! Made of Delrin (polypenco) by the fine US firm MacLellan Bagpipes.

Clanrye Synthetic Great Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reeds
Back In Stock! The result of nearly twenty years of ongoing development, these are the answer to many problems.

Fagerstrom "Technopipes" Electronic Bagpipe
The incredible Technopipes, a full-blown electronic Great Highland Bagpipe and Scottish Smallpipe, is by far the best e-pipe ever produced. Forget about sleep when you get your hands on one of these! Also see here the new "Minispeaker" for the Technopipes!

Fagerstrom Electronic Practice Chanter
This versatile electronic masterpiece from Sweden is the ultimate in portability.

Ross Technologies E-Pipe
We no longer offer the Ross, here's why.

Bannatyne Hybrid GHB Bag ~ Price Reduction! ~
Is this the ultimate bag? We think so. The Bannatyne Hybrid Synthetic/Leather bag for the Great Highland Bagpipe provides the best of two worlds.

Blowpipe Swivel-Stock
A solid and elegant solution to controlling that rogue blowpipe!

Blowpipe Valves ~ NEW!! ~
The Moose Valve, Big Mac Valve, Little Mac Valve and plain old flap valves

Jim McGillivray Teaching Videos (DVD Format).
These two videos contain a lifetime's experience in setting up, maintaining and tuning the Highland pipe - they are the best we've ever seen, period.

Jim McGillivray "Rhythmic Fingerwork" techniques tutorial
This is the acclaimed aid for improving the playing of the intermediate to advanced piper. With audio CD.

Jim McGillivray "Piobaireachd Fingerwork" tutorial
Here's the long-awaited tutorial, by one of the world's best teachers, for pipers of the classical Highland "Great Music" (also called "Piobroch" or "Ceòl Mòr").

John Cairns Tutorials
Master piper and teacher John Cairns of Canada has created a highly acclaimed tutorial series of books (each with audio CD) called "Bagpipe Solutions" that carry a student all the way from not knowing a single thing about bagpipes or music to becoming a competent piper, without the necessity of outside instruction. We have accumulated extensive experience in providing this unique system to students all over the world, and can sum up the results in two words: It works!

John Cairns' Volume Seven
The Master's series continues (the wait was worth it!), with this new volume focused on piping in a band context, both in terms of music and dress/regalia.

College of Piping Tutor & CD
This standard, universally recognized classic work is commonly called the "Green Book." It has been used as a primary tutor for over 50 years, and most of the world's pipers started on it. Accompanying audio CD.

Essential Tunes For The Piper
Sheet music for 53 tunes of various types, along with an audio CD that includes not only the music but also instructional comments. Published by The College of Piping, this is indeed an essential for most every piper.

Drum Tutorial Outfit ~ New Addition! ~

This top-quality outfit is the smoothest and most widely used path to joining the (gasp!) Dark Side, as pipers only half-jokingly call the the mysterious world of drummers.

Beautiful Antique Bagpipe Images Printed On Metal, Not Paper!
Our own production from our print collection, classy and affordable, great gifts, exclusively available here, made in USA.

Call of Dudy DVD

Bohemian Bagpipes Across Borders (subtitle). This is a fabulous, entertaining, educational professionally made documentary film. If you have any interest in "other" bagpipes, you'll want this!

Bagpipes of the World CD
Our very own production, with 30 different pipes from all over the world, is now in its fourth pressing!

Gift Certificate
Not sure what to get for your favorite piper? Consider a Universe of Bagpipes Gift Certificate. Available in whatever value you wish. We can send our handsome Gift Certificate to you, or directly to the recipient. Delivery via postal mail or email as you wish. Contact us to make arrangements.

In addition to the above items we carry in inventory a wide variety of pipes (including exotics and antiques) and piping supplies which are not listed here. Inquiries are always welcome!

We want you to be happy and successful in your piping, and of course we want you to become a customer; so, aside from the extensive information provided on this site, we are always available by email or phone to answer any further questions, both before and after purchase. We have excellent relationships with all of our suppliers, who in many cases are the actual manufacturers of the items we offer; thus we are in an ideal position to deal with the rare warranty issue that might arise. Also, please be assured that under no circumstances will we divulge your email address or any other personal information whatsoever to any third parties.


Ordering: Specific ordering information can be found at the bottom of each of the above item's own pages. Most but not all items can be ordered directly on-line through our shopping-cart system. All items may be ordered by telephone at (707) 937-1626) or by email at bagpipes@hotpipes.com. Some items, for example full sets of bagpipes, are not in the shopping-cart system because it is important (essential, even) to discuss them with you to be sure that you're getting what you expect and need.

A Note About Prices: Regardless of when an item's page was last updated, the posted price is current. We never issue nasty surprises in that regard, and have no fine print whining that "prices may vary due to currency fluctuations" or such. Sometimes increases are necessary but we always honor the price that's on the site at the time of your contact with us. This is often not the case elsewhere, and it is easy to find lower posted prices on the web that are in fact out of date and will not be honored by the advertiser. Sometimes this is due to honest oversight, or it's the residue from a business that barely exists (or no longer exists at all), but sometimes it's intentional, in hopes of getting you in the door. Beware, and always feel free to ask questions to be sure you're getting what you need and expect. Any legitimate and competent bagpipe dealer will be happy to spend whatever time it takes to be sure that you understand all aspects of your intended purchase, whether you're a brand new student, a veteran piper, or are looking for a gift.

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