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Drum Tutorial Outfit
For Pipes & Drums

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The Dark Side!

While there arguably exists no more dramatic instrument than a solo Great Highland Bagpipe, in some settings the addition of a drum kicks the excitement right over the top. Drummers are of course a staple of Great Highland Bagpipe bands, a tradition that has military roots. But solo pipers of many varieties have been heard piping with a solo drummer through the centuries.

If you're considering joining the Dark Side (which is where pipers consider drummers to live), either as a band drummer or to accompany one or two pipers, or if you're a piper needing a drummer and looking for something to help you snare an innocent recruit, this is a great way to start. Consisting of a book and an audio CD, Doug Stronach's snare drum tutorial is the most widely used in North America, and as a quick look using Google will show it's the most highly regarded and recommended learning tool available. While ideal for the beginner, it is also regarded as useful for the intermediate drummer who is keen on sharpening his or her skills.

The Practice Pad

While learning to drum will be fun and fascinating for you, it will be the exact opposite to anyone else within earshot. "Shot" may be the operative word there. Rather than investing in Kevlar body armor (and placing a divorce attorney on retainer), we highly recommend getting a quality practice pad. The one we offer here is the industry standard, by Cameron. It's easy to handle but nice and heavy, so it won't bounce around. You'll need sticks as well, and the ones in this outfit are also by Cameron, their weighted, pitched and paired "Slim Pro" model.

Note: Brand of sticks may vary according to availability but will always be by one of the major manufacturers.

Price For the Drum Tutorial Outfit (Book, CD, Pad & Sticks):

US $99.00

(plus $10 shipping via insured Priority Mail)

If you need only some of the items in this outfit, here they are individually:

Price For the Stronach Drum Tutorial (Book & CD only):

US $42.00

(plus $6 shipping via insured Priority Mail)

Price For the Cameron Practice Pad Pad:

US $38.00

(plus $10 shipping via insured Priority Mail)

Price For the Cameron Drumsticks:

US $20.00

(plus $7 shipping via insured Priority Mail)

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Drum Tutorial Outfit, WITH SHIPPING: $109.00

Drum Tutorial Outfit, WITHOUT SHIPPING: $99.00

Stronach Drum Tutorial (book & CD only), WITH SHIPPING: $48.00

Stronach Drum Tutorial (book & CD only), WITHOUT SHIPPING: $42.00

Cameron Practice Pad, WITH SHIPPING: $48.00

Cameron Practice Pad, WITHOUT SHIPPING: $38.00

Cameron Slim Pro Drumsticks, WITH SHIPPING: $27.00

Cameron Slim Pro Drumsticks, WITHOUT SHIPPING: $20.00

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