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The Swedish
Fagerstrom Electronic Practice Chanter

Fagerstrom Elecrtonic Practice Chanter
The Swedish Fagerstrom Tecnochanter
Electronic Practice Chanter
(shown here in "clear" - also available in black)

Please Note:
This is the Fagerstrom Technochanter, an electronic practice chanter. There is now also a new (mid-2006) Fagerstrom Technopipe, which is a full-blown electronic bagpipe with drones and is described on its own page here.

Electronic Chanters & Pipes ~ Some Background

The development of electronic practice chanters & bagpipes began with individual experiments by a variety of individuals quite some time ago - in the 1960s or so - at the same time as many other electronic musical devices and systems were being invented and improved. Development accelerated with the advent of small, efficient components and circuits, including of course computer chips as well as touch-sensitive switches and sensors that could be used as "fingerholes" in place of bulky, slow mechanical switches. A number of makers marketed their e-pipes, with some models emulating just the conventional practice chanter and others also offering drones. Features such as tunability, built-in loudspeakers, emulation of other instruments and other "bells & whistles" popped up. Quite a few makers and models have come and gone, leaving behind a scattering of e-pipes ranging widely in quality and sophistication.

While the finger-spacing on most e-chanters is identical to the spacing on a regular Great Highland Bagpipe chanter, and while they are quite sensitive to fingering errors (including "crossing sounds"), they shouldn't be considered a replacement for a regular mouth-blown practice chanter. The handling characteristics and overall feel are different enough that the beginning piper, especially, should probably use an e-chanter only when a regular practice chanter would be inappropriately loud (and these instruments will do nothing towards developing strength and breath control).

The main reason, as far as we're concerned, to own one of these e-chanters is that it can dramatically increase available practice time for those who often find themselves in places where even the relatively quiet sounds of a regular practice chanter are unacceptable. For professionals, it may also find utility as a convenient rehearsal instrument, or to work out arrangements and so on, even when a regular pipe is used in actual performances. An e-chanter can also be connected to an amplifier for use with a band on stage. Finally, these things are just plain fun!

Currently there are five instruments available with which we are familar and which we either offer ourselves or can recommend:

  • The popular super-compact Swedish Fagerstrom Technochanter, a practice chanter, which we carry (details below). This is a good choice for pipers whose primary concern is maximizing practice time.

  • The brand-new (mid-2006) Fagerstrom Technopipe, a full-blown professional-grade electronic Great Highland Bagpipe and Scottish Smallpipe that's set a new standard for all the rest. See its own page here.

  • The revamped (in 2004) Canadian electronic bagpipe by Ross Technologies, which we also carry. The built-n speaker and the modest price make this a popular and fun e-pipe. See its own page here.

  • The hand-made MacPipe, which we don't offer here because its maker, William McGregor of Northern California builds these instruments pretty much one at a time for the end users. At $310.00 they're not cheap, but the quality is reflected in the price. This maker also repairs other brands of e-pipes, including obsolete models. He can be contacted through his web site at www.macpipes.com (and by the way, this is not a paid endorsement).

  • The German Deger Pipes, a professional-grade electronic bagpipe that suffers from two flaws: a high price and a maker who is apparently uninterested in communicating with dealers . We don't mind the former so much as the latter - we won't risk having to deal with possible warranty & supply issues without good communications, so for that reason we do not offer this electronic bagpipe. Update: The Deger is now eclipsed in all regards by the new Fagerstrom.

A Report From a Beginning Piper

I think I have been using the chanter long enough to give you a report.... Succinctly, it is a great tool. The headphones let me practice in circumstances that were impossible before. Another benefit is that it allows me to work on new fingering and movements repeatedly without gasping for breath. The fingering is very responsive with any cross over noises being easily detectable ... I was like a kid on Christmas day and had the chanter on most of the day. Obviously it won't replace a regular practice chanter because it is a little too forgiving on finger placement and you will never develop any wind on this machine, but it is definitely worth the money for anyone who wants to seriously increase their practice time. (Jim F., Kansas)

(Note: We include these comments in the descriptions of both of the e-chanters we offer - they apply equally to both, and to all other e-chanters as well.)

The Fagerstrom Electronic Practice Chanter

The Fagerstrom is extremely compact - it has no attached box like some others, and is about half the length and much thinner than a Deger. Nevertheless, finger spacing is identical to a regular chanter. It's completely housed in a tube only nine inches long and 5/8ths inch in diameter. The supplied (standard mini-plug ear-bud type) earphones plug into one end, while the batteries are in the other. The very small size allows the Fagerstrom to be carried anywhere, for example in an inside jacket pocket. Volume, sensitivity and pitch controls are touch-sensitive, so there are no moving parts or protruding switches at all (on/off is accomplished by plugging/unpluging the earphones). Sound quality is very crisp and reliability is top-notch (we've had zero warranty issues here).

Fagerstrom Electronic Practice Chanter
The Fagerstrom Electronic Chanter
Earphones Included
Optional Soft Carry Case
(One-Foot Ruler & U.S. Quarter for Scale)

The Fagerstrom doesn't have drones and won't switch keys - a regular practice chanter doesn't have such features (or distractions) either, of course - but it is tunable; the Low A can be set from 437 hz up to 481 hz in steps of 3 hz, thus allowing the chanter to be fine-tuned to another pipe, or to another instrument. It also has a sensitivity control that can be useful if your hands are particularly dry or moist.

Sound Sample
click here to hear the Fagerstrom Electronic Bagpipe
Click on the piper to hear the Fagerstrom Electronic Chanter
MP3 format, 20 seconds, 156 Kb

Overall, the Fagerstrom is the best choice for anyone moving around a lot and whose primary concern is practicing and/or privacy - it's so small and light that it can always be taken along. The fine-scale tunability is also nice, if you need it. The Fagerstrom is made in Sweden. It uses three button-style batteries (included), which will power it for about 50 hours. It's available in clear and black (though we suggest black - the novelty of the clear quickly wears off). Also available is a padded nylon carry case, which we recommend.

Price: Fagerstrom Electronic Practice Chanter: US $275.00
Soft Case, Padded Black Nylon: $12.00

Shipping Cost: $10.00 via Insured Priority Mail (Domestic U.S.)

Stock Status:
Unless otherwise mentioned here,
the Fagerstrom E-chanter is in stock, available for immediate shipment.


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