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Bagpipe Photography Contest
Posted July 21, 2011: Updated January 25, 2012

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UPDATES: January 25, 2012

1. With apologies for taking so long, we have finally found the time to begin judging and processing the entries. First-place winners in each category are currently being posted to our Facebook page, one at a time. After all ten first place winners are announced we will start a second round of postings of the ten second-place entries. When that's completed we will announce the grand-prize winning entry (which will not be one of the previous 20) and we will notify all winning entrants by email. At around the same time we will be posting all entries, winning and not, here on this page.

2. The thumbnail images of entries that are presently here will not be updated until we post everything. At that time the presentation format will probably be changed

3. Thanks to everyone who entered!

In celebration of our 10th year we're sponsoring the First Annual Universe of Bagpipes Photography Contest. Here's a chance to win some prizes while sharing your favorite piping photos with visitors to one of the most popular bagpiping sites on the Web. There are ten categories and you may enter as many as three photos in each.

First Prize in each category is a $50 gift certificate for merchandise from The Universe of Bagpipes. Second Prize in each category is a copy of our CD, Bagpipes of the World (featuring master piper Sean Folsom). And the Grand Prize for the best photograph overall is one of our popular Kitchen Bagpipes!

Additionally, all winning photographs (and perhaps most or all of the rest) will be published on the Universe of Bagpipes web site and possibly other locations. We're looking forward to having a lot of fun with this, and we're sure our visitors will do the same.

Fun and prizes aside, there's a serious side as well. Pipers, students, pipe makers, or people who just like bagpipes don't just pop up out of thin air. Somewhere along the line they became fascinated, educated and inspired by things they heard and saw. That includes imagery, which happens to play a particularly strong role in keeping alive (and reviving) piping traditions. In fact, there are bagpipes that became extinct and forgotten in all ways except as images, but that have now been resurrected by using the information in those images. Your photographs may not ever have such a dramatic effect, but they will contribute to the overall body of piping material, and that should not be undervalued. An engraver in the 16th century certainly had no inkling that his work would one day play a huge role in bringing the most common instrument of his times back to life. Who knows, maybe one of your photographs will cause someone to look into piping more deeply and then someday become a fine and influential piper. Or maybe it will just make someone smile. But it won't do anything just sitting on your hard drive.

Contest entry is open to everyone and is free. No purchase is necessary, but we of course hope you'll have a look at our catalog, and keep in mind that we stock and supply many additional piping items, from basic supplies through full sets.


Grand Prize
Grand Prize: A Kitchen Bagpipe
(see our catalog for details)


Submissions must be sent by email to hotpipes@gmail.com (NOT to our primary email address, bagpipes@hotpipes.com) and must not exceed 20MB in size. If for some reason email won't work for you, contact us.

Submissions must be in standard digital formats, preferably minimally compressed JPG.

Submissions must be accompanied by your name, postal mailing address and of course an email address (none of which will ever be shared without your consent).

Submissions must be received by midnight PST November 24, 2011 (Thanksgiving).

Submissions must be original works created by the submitter or an immediate family member. They need not be new, but must not have appeared previously in a commercial context and must be the intellectual property of the submitter.

By submitting photos of persons other than yourself, you certify that those persons have no objections regarding publication of their image(s).

Each submitter is limited to three photos per category and each photo can be entered in only one category.

You must state into which category you wish each submission placed and we reserve the right to move submissions to another category as we see fit. (If you're not sure where to put a photo, just ask).

This is not the News of the World, please keep submissions somewhere near what is generally considered to be in good taste.

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere.

Camera and technical photo information, as well as information about the content, will be appreciated but is not mandatory.

The copyright to submissions remains with the submitter, but the submitter grants permanent unrestricted use of the photo(s) to The Universe of Bagpipes for display and promotional purposes.

We reserve the right to change these rules, add or delete categories, reject submissions that annoy us, and otherwise do exactly as we please - it's our contest!


Judging will be by Universe of Bagpipes personnel and associates. Judging will be subjective and technically informal. This is much more about the presentation of bagpipes and pipers than about fine points of the art of photography, so don't be shy if an interesting photo has technical flaws. (On the other hand, blurry images taken with a five year old cell phone may be culled.)

We reserve the right to reject any photo without explanation. Any rejected photos will be deleted from storage devices under our control.

We will acknowledge receipt of entries with a brief email. If you don't hear from us, check your spam filters or contact us.

We intend to publish all photographs in one form or another, but exactly how and where will be determined by what's submitted. Both winning and non-winning photos may be published on the Universe of Bagpipes Web site, Facebook page, and other locations as we see fit. Such publication may occur both during and after the contest period.

Personal information published with the photos will be per the wishes of the submitter. If you don't want your full name and/or specific location made public, it won't be published. But if you want your email address etc. made public, we'll do that. The default photo captions will use first name and last initial, and general location (for example, "Tom H., Colorado").

We reserve the right to modify photos for publication as we see fit.

Worldwide shipping of prizes is included, but any customs duties or other fees are the winners' responsibility.

Privacy: The Universe of Bagpipes never provides personal information of any sort to third parties without specific permission (for example when one of our clients asks to be put in touch with another, we'll ask before providing contact info). You will not find yourself on any spam lists as a result of entering this contest or contacting us.

Suggestions and questions are welcome.

So, let's see what you've got!

Submit photos by email to hotpipes@gmail.com

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