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The "Piobaireachd Fingerwork" Tutorial
by Champion Piper & Master Teacher
James McGillivray

Front Cover

Front Cover, "Piobaireachd Fingerwork" Tutorial

We will start by trying to make you comfortable when discussing or ordering this great new tutorial: With all due respect to the linguistic traditions of Scotland, Piobaireachd, the name most (but not all) Scottish-Gaelic speakers apply to the classic "great music" of the Great Highland Bagpipe, gives the ordinary English-speaker no clue to its obviously difficult pronunciation. It might as well be spelled Pwqisbghtyblgfltxtblkiytiurch. The short, modernized form is a bit better: Piobroch. But there are pipers and scholars who object to that simplification, and even with it we'll still hear stammerings like Pie Ober Ouch. So, today many pipers say Peeb-rock with emphasis on the first syllable. That does just fine and everyone will know what you mean, although you might run into someone who wants to correct you; just smile and say that you know it's verbal shorthand but that your orthodontist has forbidden you the Gaelic after the third time you dislocated your jaw. But if, even as a North American, you simply must attempt a full Scottish/Gaelic rendition you'd better get it right - and at that using it in casual company will probably go over about as well as toe-MAH-toe, let alone if you have a nice southern drawl in the rest of your speech. If all of this is just too much, we'll cheerfully sell you this tutorial if you simply say "Gimme one of them there books about the big old pipe music."

Getting on to the tutorial itself, we have been hearing requests for something like this for years, and in particular from pipers who have benefited from Jim McGillivray's widely renowned Rhythmic Fingerwork tutorial. The latter has been a terrific resource for nearly fifteen years and we have every expectation that this new companion tutorial will likewise become indispensable to anyone embarking into the fascinating and challenging world of classic piping.

We will be posting the table of contents and some further comments here shortly.

From the back covere

The back cover (copyright, James McGillivray)


The Piobaireachd Fingerwork Tutorial is US $40.00 plus $6.00 for Priority Mail shipping (domestic US)

Stock Status:
March 10, 2012: Piobaireachd Fingerwork has just come off the press a couple of days ago.
We expect our first shipment this coming week and are taking orders at this time.

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Piobaireachd Fingerwork tutorial
WITH Shipping: $40.00 + $6.00 = $46.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $40.00

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