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conical-bore chanter, double-blade reed; 3 cylindrical-bore drones, single-blade reeds;
3 keyed conical-bore "regulators," double-blade reeds

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General Comments:

The definitive Irish bagpipe, the Piob Uilleann or Uilleann Pipe is among the most complex and versitile of all bagpipes. There are considerable resources regarding this instrument available in print and on the web, so we will not go into extensive comments here.

Musical Notes:

The scales and key signatures given may be regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and relative pitch.

Left, the Uilleann Pipe being played by Sean Folsom; right, the beautiful old single-action pedal harp, made in 1790 by J.A.Stumpf of Austria & London, on which Sean's wife Sharon Folsom accompanies the Uilleann Pipe on the CD.

The "regulators" are perhaps the defining feature of the Uilleann PIpe; they sound only when a key is opened - usually with the edge of the lower hand while the chanter is also being played.

The arrangement of the keys in rows allows more than one of the regulators to be sounded at once, thus providing chordal accompanyment.
The reeds and their pipes; from top to bottom, the chanter, the three drones and the three regulators.

Photographs & Text Copyright 1999 - 2002, Oliver Seeler,

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