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Poland ~ Zakopane

chanter contains three cylindrical bores and three reeds:
two melody bores with single-blade reeds and one drone bore with single-blade reed;
the separate larger drone has a cylindrical bore and a single-blade reed

General Comments:

This is a rare bagpipe, seldom seen in its homeland or elsewhere. Its Lydian mode scale is part of the general musical tradition of the area, especially among mountain string bands.

Musical Notes:

The scales and key signatures given may be regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and relative pitch.

TheZakopane Koza (pronounced zah-ko-pa'-neh ko'-zah) being played by Sean Folsom. The bass drone can be propped up across the goat's horns to allow walking, as seen here, or otherwise can be left to hang straight down (for example, as is the bass drone of the Kaba Gaida (pipe no. 17).
The final member of Sean's goat-herd.

The least elaborate goat's-head carving in the collection, this fellow nevertheless has his charm.
The chanter's lower end, showing the three bores - the upper two in the photo, the melody bores, are plugged and only the lower, the drone, is open at its end. The plugged melody bores allow stacatto playing, via closed fingering.

This is a highly unusual configuration.
The entire chanter.

Deep scallops such as these are not common among bagpipes - another with this feature is the Swedish Sakpipa (pipe no. 21).
The three single blade reeds mounted in the chanter. These particular reeds are of composite construction, with a tongue of one material tied onto a body of another.

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