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~ An Early Set of Great Highland Bagpipe Plans

Chanter from 1908 plans

Here's an interesting, charming and perhaps even useful set of Great Highland Bagpipe plans and instructions published in England in 1908 as a series in four issues of the periodical "Work - The Illustrated Weekly Journal of Handicrafts." We purchased this series (for rather too much money) specifically to make it available here.

Anyone planning to actually build a set of pipes from these plans is cautioned that we have no idea of what sort of result to expect. Also there are techniques suggested that do not meet modern safety standards. Use these plans and instructions at your own risk - we provide them here for historical purposes only.

The author is not cited in the series. We conclude from this that he was probably someone known in the pipe-making community of the time who did not want to be accused by his colleagues of giving away secrets.

These scans are Copyright 2006 by The Universe of Bagpipes and contain embedded information making them identifiable as our property. We herewith grant the right to reproduce them on paper for non-commercial personal use by individuals and bona fide educational organizations. All other uses, including the posting of any part of these scans on other web sites, requires specific permission from us.

Below are thumbnails of each of the seven pages of the series. Click on them to bring up the corresponding pages in large JPG files (approximately 2.5MB).

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