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The Practice Chanter
Review & Purchasing Information

Dunbar Millenium 2000 Practice Chanter
Extra-Long "Millennium 2000" Practice Chanter
By J. Dunbar Ltd., Canada
Machined DelrinTM ~ Length 22 inches

If you haven't read the detailed commentary on the page "What's Needed & Why" you should do so. Here's a brief review, together with further details about the practice chanter and tutorials we offer:

If you simply pick up a Great Highland Bagpipe and try to learn to play it directly you will get nowhere. You must start with a practice chanter, a quiet, low pitched reed instrument that follows the dimensions and finger placements of the bagpipe melody pipe (called the "chanter"). You will continue to need a practice chanter for as long as you are piping. You will also need a "tutor" - a book or series of books of lessons, accompanied (these days) by one or more audio CDs. Together, the practice chanter and the tutor are commonly referred to as a "practice chanter outfit." We offer two ways to assemble an outfit. Each uses the same chanter, but different tutors.

The Practice Chanter

The best all-around practice chanter we've found is the extra-long "Millennium 2000" by the highly regarded Canadian bagpipe-making firm J. Dunbar, Ltd. (pictured above). The Millennium 2000 practice chanter is turned on a lathe (not molded) from a dense structural synthetic, Delrin (also known as polypenco). It is accurate, very, very tough, feels and looks great, and because of its extra length and belled end, as well as its excellent reed, it sounds much better than the average practice chanter. It uses maintenance-free, clean, airtight O-rings at the joint between the two halves instead of messy hemp (which tends to get pretty nasty on a practice chanter). Like Dunbar's bagpipes, its excellent performance and fine craftsmanship is in pleasant contrast to its modest price. It's a lifetime instrument, and it's guaranteed for life. We have provided thousands of these chanters over the past fifteen years, to the great satisfaction of everyone. However, if for some reason you wish a chanter by a different maker, or a different model Dunbar, we can help with that, just contact us.

The J. Dunbar Ltd. Millennium 2000 Practice Chanter with Reed
US $84.00
Shipping via U.S.Priority Mail is $8.00

Spare Reeds & Water Trap

The practice chanter is provided with a very high-quality synthetic reed. These reeds, which are individually tested, will last for an indefinite time - usually until a physical mishap occurs. You can get replacement practice chanter reeds that should work just fine from any bagpipe supply house and even from many large general music stores, on or off line (though some cheaper reeds may be troublesome). So, having a spare reed is not normally really a necessity, though we will be happy to sell you one. On the other hand, if the chanter is going to be used by children, or if you're planning on distant travels or live in a remote place, then having a spare reed is probably a good idea.
A spare reed is $7.00, plus $2.00 for postage (no postage cost if shipped with anything else)

The J. Dunbar Ltd. Millennium 2000 practice chanter accepts a water-trap, also made by Dunbar. This keeps condensation and spit from collecting around the reed, which eventually might have you sounding like a trumpet-player in a fish tank. Whether or not you will benefit from a water trap is hard to predict, but you can always add it later - installation is simple. Further details are on our Water Trap Page.
The water trap is $12.00, plus $2.00 for postage (no postage cost if shipped with anything else)

The Tutors: Two Choices
No. 1 ~ The Classic "Green Book"

This standard, universally recognized classic work is commonly called the "Green Book" (pictured below) and, together with its CD, is published by The College of Piping in Scotland. It has been used as a primary tutor for over 50 years, and most of the world's pipers, great and humble, started on it. It presumes no prior knowledge or musical experience. It consists of 26 lessons. When you have completed it, which can take anywhere from a few months on up to a year or so, you will be ready to start on the bagpipe itself. At some point you will need help, preferably in the form of regular instruction from an instructor, or at the very least occasional sessions with a competent piper.

The College of Piping Tutor I

The College of Piping Tutor I with CD
Glasgow, 64 pages, 10 X 7.5 inches, softcover
Now sprial bound for greater convenience!
Note: We always provide the latest edition, which may not match this photo.

Older Edition

This is the previous edition
Main difference: The cover, and the new edition contains Amazing Grace

The Green Book is intended to accompany and supplement lessons by a teacher, but many, many pipers have started in on it alone. How far a student is able to go alone with the Green Book varies, but at the least it will be far enough to get a good feel for what's involved, and to build a solid foundation upon which to continue. The Green Book is familiar to all instructors and to most established pipers, which will be an advantage when you do approach someone for help.

The College of Piping Tutor (The "Green Book) with Accompanying CD
US $32.00
Shipping via U.S.Priority Mail is $6.00

The No. 1 Practice Chanter Outfit

The No. 1 Practice Chanter Outfit consists of the J. Dunbar Millennium 2000 practice chanter and the "Green Book" tutor & CD.
Purchased separately these items and shipping total US $130.00
Special Outfit Price:

$9.00 shipping via U.S.Priority Mail

It should be mentioned that there are many other tutors that have been published over the years that are essentially similar to the above College of Piping Green Book. Some are not bad, some are awful, some might even be a bit better. But a problem with all of them is that when you ask a teacher or a piper for help, they likely won't be on the same page, as it were, as you are. At this point the Green Book has become standard. You can't go wrong with it, even if, as is very likely, you will need some help along the way.

But perhaps getting any outside help is going to be hard for you because of your location, schedule or other circumstances. Or maybe you just like doing things yourself. Read on -

The Tutors, Continued:
No. 2 ~ The "Bagpipe Solutions" Series by John Cairns

There is now another option that alters the picture radically : Master piper and teacher John Cairns of Canada has created a superb multi-volume tutorial called "Bagpipe Solutions" that can carry a student all the way to becoming a competent piper, without the necessity of outside instruction. This is the only such system that exists. We have been providing these tutorials in significant numbers to students all over the world for nearly ten years. The results have been remarkable! For a detailed look, see our page "What's Needed & Why."

Bagpipe Solutions by John Cairns

John Cairns' "Bagpipe Solutions"
Volumes 1, 2 & 3, with audio files for all volumes now on a single CD
306 pages, 200+ photos, drawings, diagrams & music

The first three volumes of Bagpipe Solutions and their audio files cover the same ground - that is, the practice chanter - as the Green Book/CD, but in much greater detail and, most significantly, in a way so well organized and presented that it minimizes or even eliminates the need for outside instruction.

Most students should be able to move through the first volume of Cairns, titled "Preliminary Level," quite rapidly. This volume and the next two, "Beginner Level" and "Advanced Beginner Level" together carry the student through the practice-chanter-only phase of his or her piping education. We feel that it will be beneficial for the beginner to have all three volumes on hand from the start, and so we consider them to be a set and offer them together at a reduced price. This also saves on shipping costs.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (the practice chanter volumes) of the John Cairns "Bagpipe Solutions" tutorial series, with audio files:
The Set, US $95.00
Shipping via U.S.Priority Mail is $12.00
(This is a savings of $13.00 over individual purchases & shipping)

Individual Volumes:
$35.00 each volume (CD as needed)

Shipping via U.S.Priority Mail, $6.00 for a single volume

The No. 2 Practice Chanter Outfit

The No. 2 Practice Chanter Outfit consists of the J. Dunbar Millennium 2000 practice chanter and Volumes 1, 2 & 3 with audio files of the John Cairns "Bagpipe Solutions" tutorial series.
Purchased separately these items and shipping total US $224.00
Special Outfit Price:

$12.00 shipping via U.S.Priority Mail

Once these first three volumes are completed the fledgling piper will be ready to approach the mysteries of the bagpipe itself, and thus be ready to begin on Volume 4, 5, and 6. On completing Volume 6, the student will be playing the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Bagpipe Solutions by John Cairns

John Cairns' "Bagpipe Solutions"
Volumes 4, 5 & 6, with audio files:
432 pages, 200+ photos, drawing, diagrams and music

Volumes 4, 5 & 6 (the bagpipe volumes) of the John Cairns "Bagpipe Solutions" tutorial series with audio files
The Set, US $95.00
Shipping via U.S.Priority Mail is $12.00
(This again is a savings of $13.00 over individual purchases & shipping)

Individual Volumes:
$35.00 each (CD as needed)

Shipping via U.S.Priority Mail, $6.00 for a single volume.

Volumes 4, 5, and 6, the second part of John Cairns' brilliant series, carry the student who has mastered the practice chanter on to the bagpipe. Again, these books and audio files are designed to teach in a way that is otherwise only available by face-to-face instruction. They provide the only path we know of for just about anyone, regardless of geographic location, scheduling demands or financial considertions to become a competent piper on their own.

For a Limited Time:
Purchase all six volumes for US $190.00 and get FREE SHIPPING (domestic US & APO)!

(International customers, please contact us for shipping costs.)

About The Audio Files
Each lesson in each book has an accompanying audio file. These were formerly provided on an individual CD for each book. Now the audio files for all six books are on a single CD, which is more convenient, reduces shipping costs and breakage and is easier to keep track of. The files are in the most widely used format, MP3, and are organized in simple folders corresponding to each book. The disk is not copy-protected, so you can easily transfer the files as you wish to your phone, MP3 player, laptop, or other device. We will be happy to assist you if you need help with that.

John Cairns Volume 7
Volume 7 is here at last! Of particular interest to pipers involved, or planning to be involved, with a pipe band, this tutorial focuses on all aspects of that activity. Everything from Highland dress to band music is covered with the same meticulous care that defines the other volumes in the Bagpipe Solutions series. We predict that this work will become an indespensible standard resource for band members. Pricing is the same as the other individual Cairns volumes (see above).

About Costs:
The Bagpipe Solutions tutorials are not inexpensive (although if you're buying college textbooks you might disagree with that!) . Realize that these tutorials represent a massive amount of work, not to mention a lifetime's experience, and are sold in a limited, highly specialized market. (Nobody is getting rich on anything having to do with bagpipes, believe me - or just ask my wife.) Conventionally, unless you are participating in free or low-cost group instruction, you'll sooner or later likely be paying a teacher. Rates vary, but thirty or forty dollars per hour is not unusual for private lessons. The College of Piping Green Book & CD requires a lower initial outlay than the Cairns series, but for most people subsequent payments to a teacher will more than make up the difference. Even for the piper following the traditional path with the Green Book and a teacher, having the Cairns tutorials will reduce the amount of time he or she will need to spend with an instructor, most likely by enough to pay for them and then some.

To help you decide which of the two tutorials is best for you - the College of Piping Green Book or John Cairns' Bagpipe Solutions, we've listed some considerations under the heading "Decisions" near the bottom of our "What's Needed & Why" page. (We keep asking you to read that page ... it's lengthy but it will save you a lot of time, trouble & probably money.)

Whether or not you purchase anything we hope that you have found the information presented here useful and we wish you the best of success if you indeed take up the Great Highland Bagpipe. If you have any questions, please don't be shy. Even though we know absolutely everything (having marched out of the womb playing the pipes) and you know less than a stump, we won't burst into laughter until you're off the phone. Seriously, as you can perhaps tell from what you've read, we very much enjoy getting people started in piping and helping established pipers with their needs. That's what we're about. Always feel free to contact us and remember, there are no dumb questions. Thanks for your interest!

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between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. U.S. Pacific Coast Time (GMT minus 7 - 8 hours), 7 days.

We welcome calls, which help both you and us be sure that you are getting what you expect and need!

You can also choose to pay by numerous other methods, for example by mailing a check, using PayPal, and so on. For details, including shipping policies, warranties, privacy, return policy, etc., please contact us and/or see the General Ordering Information Page.

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NO. 1 PRACTICE CHANTER OUTFIT (Dunbar M-2000 practice chanter, reed, Green Book with CD)
WITH Shipping: $108.00 + $9.00 = $117.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $108.00

NO.2 PRACTICE CHANTER OUTFIT (Dunbar M-2000 practice chanter, reed, Cairns Bagpipe Soultions tutorial series Vols. 1, 2 & 3)
WITH Shipping: $179.00 + $12.00 = $191.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $179.00

PRACTICE CHANTER, J. Dunbar Ltd. "Millenium 2000," with synthetic reed
WITH Shipping: $84.00 + $8.00 = $92.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $84.00

SPARE REED, practice chanter, synthetic
WITH Shipping: $7.00 + $2.00 = $9.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $7.00

WATER TRAP, for Dunbar M-2000 practice chanter
WITH Shipping: $12.00 + $2.00 = $14.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $12.00

"GREEN BOOK" (College of Piping tutor, Book One, with CD)
WITH Shipping: $32.00 + $6.00 = $38.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $32.00

VOLUMES 1, 2 & 3, John Cairns' Bagpipe Soultions tutorial series, the practice chanter volumes set
WITH Shipping: $95.00 + $12.00 = $107.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $95.00

VOLUMES 4, 5 & 6, John Cairns' Bagpipe Soultions tutorial series, the bagpipe volumes set
WITH Shipping: $95.00 + $12.00 = $107.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $95.00

SINGLE VOLUME (Vols. 1- 7 w. CD, Cairns Bagpipe Soultions series, contact us to specify which one
WITH Shipping: $35.00 + $6.00 = $41.00
WITHOUT Shipping: $35.00

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