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The "Rhythmic Fingerwork" Tutorial
by Champion Piper & Master Teacher
James McGillivray

Front Cover
Front Cover, "Rhythmic Fingerwork" Tutorial

A great deal of the tutorial material available for the Great Highland Bagpipe is either intended for the complete beginner, or is most suitable for professional teachers. Here, at last, is help for those who have moved beyond the very basics, but who don't have regular face-to-face access to a teacher. "Rhythmic Fingerwork" is a system of exercises - 141 of them - that break down the otherwise overwhelmingly complex whole of piping into manageable individual components. The piper can thus focus entirely on each small element, one at a time. The origin of the exercises (and accompanying invaluable tips) vary - some are traditional, while many have been developed by Jim during his decades of piping and teaching. Overall, there is something here for everyone, except the complete beginner; even advanced pipers will find help in refining technique or in dealing with subtle problems.

The included CD
Included CD, on which all 141 exercises are heard

Each of the exercises is demonstrated on the accompanying CD, so there is no question of misreading the music or text. The 81-page workbook is spiral-bound for convenience in use. It contains a mixture of music and instructional text, along with a series of drawings illustrating various hand and finger positions.

The Table of Contents
The Table of Contents

From the back covere
From the back cover (copyright, James McGillivray)


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Rhythmic Fingerwork tutorial (Book with CD)
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