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No. 5

Scan of the Month

Click here to download a full-size high-resolution TIF format image of this antique bagpipe graphic. Be aware that the TIF file size is 9.88 Megabytes - if you're on a dial-up connection the download will take a while.

This Dutch engraving, acquired from a Belgian print-dealer, is one of the most unusual bagpipe images we've seen. The piper has the water in the pond dancing! The print dates to the mid 17th century and is on a leaf (page 314) of an incompletely identified book titled "Vrouwe" ("Woman"). Translation of the Middle Dutch associated with the engraving reveals the text to be some sort of unfortunate drivel about women "staying in "their place" and such. (Some pathetic old coot went on for over 300 pages like that, in rhyme? Too bad, but it doesn't take anything away from this great little scene.) Below is the entire leaf.

Scan of the Month

About These Scans
Over the years I've collected a number of original antique engravings, etchings, lithographs and other images on paper relating to bagpipes. Some of these will now be made available here, one at a time, as full-size high-resolution scans. There will be a new one every few months. If you download these images you have the possibility, depending on the sort of paper you use and the capabilities of your printer, of making nice prints suitable for framing. As far as I know these images are all in the public domain and I am not claiming any copyright on the scans, so feel free to use them as you wish.

There may or may not be some commentary below the JPG reference image at the top of this page. Whatever is there is what I know about the particular graphic. If you have further information, please send it along. ~ Oliver Seeler

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