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an Italian boy learning the Zampogna, circa 1880

Presented here are a variety of essays, photo collections and other bagpipe-related materials.
Newest items are at bottom ~ most recent addition, June 29, 2007.
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A Memorial for Dieter Guttler

Pipemaker Frans Hattink

Guido Iannetta ~ Zampognari

Bagpiping in Slovakia

Ted's Huge New Zampogna

A Bagpipe in Jewish Culture!

A Bagpipe Crossword Puzzle!

Weird Bagpipe Art

Tionol, San Francisco, 1999

Hi-Rez Scan of the Month #5

An Interesting Scar

Bagpipe Tuning Primer

Bagpipes on Spoons

New Carving Discovered

A New Bagpipe Book

Antique Bagpipe Plans

Basque Whalers With Piper

Pipes in the 1911 Britannica

New Zampogna Film

Photo Contest!!

Pipers For Hire, Nigeria!!

Michael Cwach
The Bagpipes of Bohemia

Pipers and Bands

Our Rembrandt Etching!
The Strolling Musicians


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