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Bagpipes on spoons? What in the world do bagpipes have to do with spoons? Well, not very much. But certain old paintings show pipers or members of their audiences with spoons stuck through a pair of slits cut into their hats. Spoons have appeared for centuries in European culture as symbols of this or that - thus today we speak of someone "born with a silver spoon in their mouth" to denote wealth. The spoon in the hat is said to symbolize the opposite - poverty; a person (perhaps a wandering piper) who owns nothing but what he carries with him. However, in at least one famous 16th century bagpipe painting, by Pieter Brueghel, a well-to-do-looking celebrant is wearing his spoon in his hat:

Spoon in a Hat

In any event, spoons have fascinated people for a long time. Collecting spoons is an obsession with some, and there are books and web sites devoted to the practice. I had no intention of joining the ranks of spoon collectors, but after happening upon a nice little sterling silver spoon with a piper in the bowl, in a German antique shop, I found myself keeping a casual lookout for more. Another came along, and then another. Now there are thirteen, and that I think makes this a collection. The bagpipe stamps weren't bad enough, I guess! So, here are the spoons:

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Should you run across any bagpipe spoons that might be available, we'd appreciate hearing about them!

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