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~ Stamp No. 12: East Germany ~
Scott Catalogue No. 1334

The government of the DDR - East Germany - had a famous habit for not getting things quite right. Its attempts to produce a functioning automobile, for example, were truly weird. Here this knack manifests in the depiction of a Bohemian Bock; this bagpipe is not correctly assembled. As shown, the player's hands would be right up next to his face and he would be peering out from around the chanter. The goat's horns might be handy for scratching one's nose while playing. Perhaps the artist rescued this pipe, disassembled, from some cellar where it had been tossed in a Stalinist purge and put it together this way - with the right-angle parts incorporated into the blow-pipe rather than into the bass drone, where they belong. The idea of the turns is to allow the bass drone to hang over the shoulder and down one's back. Here is a similar pipe with that configuration.

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