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~ Stamp No. 33: Monaco ~
Scott Catalogue No. 365

This otherwise handsome and beautifully printed stamp contains yet another unfortunate depiction of a bagpipe. The artist has no excuse, other than incompetence, because there is certainly no shortage of images of the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe from which to work. The pipe shown has two, rather than three, drones, of equal length and arranged in a "V". (It happens that the (alleged) earliest dated specimen (1409) of a Highland pipe is configured this way, but modern pipes are not.) Here the chanter is grossly long, the hands are in a ridiculous position and the bag is hanging down the piper's front like some sort of horrible goiter.

To add injury to insult, this is a rather expensive stamp for which we were roundly overcharged (among other transgressions) by the firm The Philatelic Source, Inc. of Miami, Florida, operated by a Larry Luxenberg.

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