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~ Stamp No. 38: Soviet Union ~
Scott Catalogue No. 5932

This and the next two stamps are particularly nice; they are not only well drawn and printed, but depict scarce bagpipes about which we would like to know more. Each presents instruments from different Soviet republics. The pipe shown here has similarities in appearance to various Eastern European bagpipes.

We had thought this to be a Latvian pipe, but have now (August, 2006) received a correction from Nerijus Jurkonis, who kindly took the trouble to write us from Kaunas, Lithuania:

"... Stamp No. 38: of the Soviet Union depicts Lithuanian (not Latvian) folk instruments. In Lithuania bagpipes (we call them Dudmaishis or Labanoro duda) started to be used from the XVI century."

We are always happy to receive corrections - please don't hesitate if you find an error on these pages!

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