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~ Stamp No. 41: Canada ~
Scott Catalogue No. 1655

Here's a colorful and handsome Canadian stamp featuring a Great Highland Bagpiper playing at some Scottish Games. The images appear to be photographs - does anyone know who the people are?

My Sherlock Holmes-like correspondent and fellow bagpipe-stamp collector in England, Sean Stewart, has, amazingly, come up with the answer to the above question. He writes: " The piper is John-Hugh MacDonald of Ottawa (PM of CFB Trenton); the drummer is Russell Pretty of Ottawa; the dancer is Jennifer Blackburn of Port Perry, Ont; the caber tosser is Harry MacDonald of London. The event was held in Maxville, in the southeast of Ottawa to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Glengarry Highland Games. The Maxville Games which began in 1863 reckon to be the longest running continuous Highland Games in Canada. "

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