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~ Stamp No. 108: Czechoslovakia ~
Scott Catalogue No. Pending

Here's a piper on a fountain on the grounds of the great palace in Prague. The upward-curving bell (a brass-trimmed horn, usually) of the chanter can be seen in the detail. This is the same fountain seen on this stamp. There are several different pipes from what is now the Czech Republic - they generally share the characteristics of the pipe seen here on this site (use your back-button to return here).


The indefatigable English stamp-collecting piper Sean Stewart has sent along this photo of the subject of the stamp, the "Singing Fountain" in the Belvedere Garden of the Prague Castle Gardens. He tells us that it was designed and cast by Thomas Jaros in 1564-68. Apparently the fountain used to "sing" as water hit the big bowls, Sean relates, but no longer does so after a restoration.

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