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~ Stamp No. 112: Armenia ~
Scott Catalogue No. Pending

There's either a lot of artistic liberty here or this is a pipe we don't know about. Comments?

In March, 2005 we recieved this letter from Joan J. Silvestre of Spain:

"Dear people of Hotpipes;

The stamp number 112 shows an Armenian bagpipe, called "Parkapzuk", and the three persons in the stamp, as it is indicated, come from the region of Artzakh, Nagorno-Kharabag, a small region of Armenian culture inside the neighboring Republic of Azerbaijan.

As far as I know, the Parkapzuk is a double cane chanter bagpipe, with a horn attached at the end. It seems that there are also Parkapzuks with a single wooden chanter. The drone is not commonly found in these bagpipes."

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