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~ Stamp No. 145: Egerland ~

See stamp #131 for comments about "cinderellas". This and the next two stamps are quite interesting because of their origin. Egerland is a region in the far west of what is now the Czech Republic. The population of Egerland was at one time predominately Germanic, and these three stamps reflect that heritage. (There were nine regions in Egerland, each with distinctive traditional clothing - if anybody can identify the men on these stamps in that regard, we would like to hear from them.) So what we seem to have here are relatively modern German-speakers with a bagpipe. That's highly unusual. It looks like these stamps might be reduced from photographic postcards, but we have no clue as to their age or source. As for the bagpipe itself, not much can be seen on the images other than that it looks like a small one, perhaps a "Hummelschen."

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