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~ Stamp No. 149: Uruguay ~

Uruguay would seem an unlikely place to find a bagpipe as the instrument is rare in South America, or at least not very visible. It seems that neither Spanish nor Portugese piping traditions migrated to the Americas with settlers from those countries to any culturally significant degree. Today there are the beginnings of revivals underway in a few spots, which is something we are quite interested in - if you know of any South American pipers or pipe makers, we would like to hear about them.

Here, the Galician tradition is referenced - the pipe is a Gaita Gallega ("Bagpipe of Galicia"), originating from the northwestern Spanish province of that name. It is interesting that Spain itself has never issued a stamp depicting this or any other Spanish bagpipe, in spite of an unbroken centuries-long piping tradition in that country.

For a closer look at a Gaita Gallega, see this page on this site.

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