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Technopipes Battery Installation & Removal

Fagerstrom Technopipes Battery
The Technopipes Battery

The Technopipes (TP) uses a single AAA battery, which can be either conventional or rechargeable (using an external charger). Installation of the battery is simple, but a bit different than in most other devices. Please review the following instructions and refer to the photos. There are also two short video clips below that show installation and removal.

1. Remove the plug from the bottom end of the pipe. The plug has a lip that extends beyond the body of the pipe. Wiggle it off, in the manner of popping a champagne cork - the plug is not threaded, so don't try to unscrew it.

2. Looking into the now open end of the pipe, note the steel wire crossways in the hole (see photo #2, below). This is the bottom end of the U-shaped battery retainer. Note that is is not symmetrical. Note also the little foam block glued to the inside wall of the pipe.

3. Start the positive (plus, +) end of the battery into the hole. The battery will push the retainer aside and slide on past it. The battery can only pass by on one side of the retainer, because of the retainer's shape and the foam block. Push the battery all the way past the retainer with a finger, or if you have really big fingers use a pencil or such . The bottom crossways part of the wire retainer will snap over the back end of the battery.

4. IMPORTANT: Confirm that the bottom of the wire retainer is making contact with the bare metal on the back of the battery. The retainer provides the negative (minus, - ) connection to the battery. If contact is not made, the pipes won't run. Not all AAA batteries are exactly the same at the bottom, and it may be necessary to nudge the retainer a bit to move it into contact with bare metal. See photo #2, below.

5. Replace the plug.

Fagerstrom Technopipes Battery Rear View
Bottom of Technopipes showing battery installed and wire retainer

TO REMOVE THE BATTERY, push the wire retainer to the side and off of the bottom of the battery. The battery will get a short push from the coil spring at the top end and will move towards the opening far enough to keep the retainer from going back over its end. Now tap the side and/or end of the pipe against the palm of your hand until the battery exits far enough to grab it.

NOTE: If your pipe won't start or otherwise acts strange, suspect the battery first of all. Check to see if the rear contact is made, try removing and re-inserting the battery, and then try a known fresh battery. To date these steps have solved the only reported "problems" with the Technopipes.

Here is a WMV video clip from the Fagerstrom web site demonstrating battery installation.

Here is a WMV video clip from the Fagerstrom web site demonstrating battery removal.

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