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IMPORTANT UPDATE: In mid-summer of 2012 Fagerstrom added a memory feature to the Technopipe. Most settings are now retained between sessions instead of being lost when the unit is switched off. Consequently the manual has been revised to reflect this change. You need to download the correct version for your Technopipe.

If you purchased your Technopipe from us after July 8, 2012 it has this new feature and you will to use the new Version 2 manual. Other dealers may have been selling the older version for well past that date.

If you don't know if your Technopipe has this new memory feature, it's easy to find out. Switch it on (by plugging in the earphone/speaker cable). Start the drones, chanter or both. Now change the pitch to either really high or really low (either manual shows how to do that). Then unplug the cable, which switches the unit off. Now plug it back in and again start the drones, chanter or both. If the pitch is where you left it, really high or really low, your Technopipe has the memory feature. If the pitch has reverted to regular Highland, then it's the previous version without the memory feature.

Each Technopipe comes with a small-format printed manual, rolled up inside the cardboard tube. These manuals are correct for the technopipes they accompany.

Here is the new manual for the current version, 2.0, of the Fagerstrom Technopipes (from approx. mid-summer 2012 on).

Here is the manual for the earlier version of the Fagerstrom Technopipes.

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