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August, 2010

An early instrument maker

Early Bagpipe Makers

We've been involved with bagpipes in one way and another for about forty years. The Universe of Bagpipes and this Web site are now over ten years old. During the past decade we've helped a large number of people get started in piping, by providing what we consider to be the best tools and especially by explaining in detail what's needed and why. Likewise we've made available a wide but selective array of piping products from reeds through full sets of pipes for established pipers, and again we try to provide comprehensive information to help those customers make decisions that are right for them.

Most of the information provided on this site is specific to a product or process, or to one or another of the fascinating, obscure corners of the bagpiping world. But there are also more general issues that we feel need to be brought to light, things that concern anyone involved with piping. The following three "white papers" address some of these matters, and more will follow.

Some of the commentary may seem harsh and we expect it to result in both new friends and new enemies. We welcome the former and frankly don't care about the latter. What we do care about is the well-being of those who study, teach, play, make, repair, buy or sell bagpipes for the sheer love of these incredible, unique, fantastic, magical musical instruments.

White Paper No. I: Buyer Beware: Fakes and Frauds

White Paper No. II: Man vs. Machine: Mass-Produced Bagpipes

White Paper No. III: Pakistani "Bagpipes": A Sonic Horror Show

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